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Donate to A World Celiac Community Foundation in Your Mother’s Name

Help us raise funds for our Biosensor project which will enable individuals to test food for gluten content. We are working with Boston University to develop this device. Help us make it a reality by donating today. You can make the donation in your mother’s name and provide her the printed announcement below. Donate now! […]

Boy with Gluten Free Cookie representing day care and celiac children

Daycare Rights for Your Celiac Children

Q. Do daycares have to follow a gluten free diet if your child has the disease? We provide the food; however they keep coming up with ways to make it difficult for us, it is like they do not want to deal with it and are trying to push us out with frustration. If they […]

Chemist Testing Project Dipstick

Boston University with CSA Foundation, Inc. Announce Project Dipstick

Our president, Lawrence (Larry) Schneider just sent us a quote from Boston University about our working together on Project DisptickTM . “The CIDAR research group of Boston University is working on research of interest to the CSA Foundation, Inc [A World Celiac Community Foundation] on a biomedical engineering project which will benefit the celiac community […]

Hidden Sources of Gluten

Seven Hidden Sources of Gluten

It’s easy to recognize gluten is foods like bread, pasta and pastries, but it can be much harder to hidden sources of gluten in other products. Let’s dive in and talk about these seven hidden sources of gluten: Soy Sauce – Unless a soy sauce is labeled gluten free, wheat is typically the first ingredient.  […]


Seven Grains You Can Eat on a Gluten Free Diet

Grains can still be incorporated into a gluten free diet and provide a host of nutritional benefits. People who eat grains are less likely to develop a number of chronic diseases, including heart disease, and whole grains may assist with weight management. Grains containing a large amount of fiber can also help to reduce constipation, […]

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